About Aluminum Printing

Aloha! We get a ton of questions about our most popular medium, where dye is infused directly on to a sheet of aluminum. It's become popular here on Maui, with very good reason! 

First, it is BEAUTIFUL! The metal surface catches and reflects light in such a way that it makes the image appear to have a light of its own. In fact, people ask almost daily if our pieces have a light source built into them! In areas with good light, they will change throughout the day as the sun moves. Maui is a gorgeous, colorful, vibrant place and metal truly does it justice, bringing out the tones and vibrance in such a way that truly must be seen to be appreciated.

Secondly, it will last forever. Metal pieces have two to four times the lightfastness of a traditional photo paper print, meaning they will not fade or discolor over time when displayed indoors. Though we can't guarantee they will last forever, we DO love seeing metal prints hung in outdoor spaces! It's a great way to tie indoor and outdoor areas together and opens up a whole new world for displaying art! Moisture and condensation also will not hurt the art, so they are excellent for bathrooms and other high humidity areas where a traditional framed print will fall apart over time.

They also travel well, and most of our in person customers simply take small pieces (5"x7", 8"x8" and 8"x12") home in their luggage. We provide a nice padded envelope for these purposes and haven't had any problems at all.

Float Mount

Untitled photo

Installation and Care

By default, our metal art comes with a very simple, high quality mount already attached. Most pieces will only require one hole in the wall and the rubber stops keep the photo level while preventing any marks or damage to the wall.

Care is also easy. Metal art can be simply wiped down with a soft cloth or any non abrasive fabric. We tend to use microfiber lens cloths but that's mostly because they are bought in bulk for our camera bags! You can also use Windex or anything similar, but we would avoid using anything too harsh as we have not tested them to assure that they are safe for the surface.

Custom Framing

We do love the float mount and it is our most popular option. It's great for those that want a modern look or are simply on a bit of a budget for their new art. These are available through the website as normal under the 'shop' tab above.

HOWEVER, for those that would prefer a more finished and traditional look, we do offer a variety of custom frames in all sizes up to 24"x36". There are two frame options, each available in black,

white, silver and gold. Pictured below on the left is the Wedge frame, our preferred choice for larger pieces (20"x30" and 24"x36"). On the right is the Slim frame. It has a smaller footprint and looks great on 12"x18" and 16"x24" pieces for example.

We are unable to offer these on the website at this point due to software limitations, so if you are interested please email us directly and we will respond right away! They are worth the extra effort, we promise!

Wedge Frame

Untitled photo

Slim Frame

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Ready to Shop?

If this all sounds great, please feel free to browse our shop online section!

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