Limited Edition - Lyle Krannichfeld


Each limited edition is available in multiple sizes with numerous, premium mounting and framing options. Please email for more information or to purchase! Every one is meticulously crafted, personally inspected, hand signed and numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.

We strive to provide the highest quality art at prices that are accessible to everyone. Our pieces can be found hanging all over the world alongside works by Peter Lik, Clark Little, Laurie Wylie, Ronaldo Macedo, Jim Kingwell, Christopher Egan, the Cesere Brothers and even an original Ansel Adams.

Size Quantity 1" acrylic block Exhibit Mount Float Frame Metal Mat and Float Frame Face Mount 1/4" Acrylic
5x7 50 $199
8x12 150 $279 $379 $649 $349
12x18 150 $379 $549 $1,049 $449
16x24 100 $579 $849 $1,699 $879
20x30 100 $799 $1,099 $1,099
24x36 100 $1,249 $1,599 $1,699
30x45 50 $1,899 $2,599
40x60 25 $2,999 $4,999
48x72 25 $4,999

Honu 'Ea

There are fewer than 100 nesting Hawksbill Turtles (or Honu 'Ea) in ALL of the Hawaiian Islands, with only one known nesting location on Maui. I've been fortunate to swim with this one twice. She is quite comfortable with people (which isn't a good thing necessarily), which makes for good photo opportunities.

Lone Kiawe

We've had unusually high amount of rain this summer from all the tropical storms in the area, which helped create this beautiful reflectionof a Keawe tree in West Maui.

Wood and Stone

There is a magical, gnarled tree in West Maui that catches the glow from late evening light as the sun sets behind the camera. During high tides such as this, much of it is in the water making for a nice opportunity.

Double Breach

This is our very first image to become a limited edition, and we think it's a special one!

This image is available as an open edition and only ONE way as a limited edition. We start with a 16"x24" high gloss metal print, 'Double Breach'. We then float it on a 20"x28" satin white metal mat and finish it off with our black wood Wedge frame for an overall size of about 24"x32". It is paper backed with rubber stops to protect your wall and hangs quite simply with one hook.

We have never seen anything like this anywhere else (including the highest end galleries in Lahaina) and are proud to bring you a stunning design that brings together the modern metal art and the traditional look of a matted and framed print.  

Only 100 of these will be produced and we'd like to think buying into our first limited edition EVER is a great investment. We stand behind our belief that you should buy art you LOVE, something that resonates with you and is simply something you'll love to have on your wall...but if it increases in value, all the better!

#4 is being offered at $1499, and is hand signed and numbered. Please email for more information or to purchase!



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